Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants

In the Cannabinoid Family exists Cannabidiol = CBD 

Once you have clicked on the Above link and read for yourself about CBD as claimed by the US A govt 
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CBD Health and Wellness

CBD Health and Wellness

After decades in which only high-THC cannabis was available, CBD-rich strains and products are now accessible to medical users. Project CBD networks with ...


CBD dosage All too often, physicians refrain from ...

Introducing CBD

Cannabidiol — CBD— is a compound in cannabis that has ...


In compiling a list of conditions for which there is evidence that ...

The CBD-Only Stampede

The CBD-Only Stampede. CBD stampede By Martin A. Lee.

Strain Library

Strain Library. Marijuana plant Two broad categories of CBD-rich ...

Marketing CBD

Marketing CBD The discovery of a few CBD-rich strains in ...

CBD enriched hemp Oil for vaping 

Hemp oil for your Vaporizer with 
high concentrates of CBD 
Legal in all 50 states because the hemp oil is extracted from Imported Industrialzed Hemp Plants 
Because of the passing of the Farm Bill which was signed into law in February of 2014 the 1st crop of home grown USA soil Hemp oil will be realized in  late September of 2014. 

CBD store
CBD Health and Wellness

CBD it is all about the CBD by way of HEMP oil extracted from Industrial HEMP plants.